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The Pines Primary School and Pine Cones Pre-School

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School Values

‘Transforming lives through inspirational learning’


Our pupils develop a love of learning which provides them with the cultural capital to embrace their next stage of education and prepares them to become global citizens. We aim for all of our pupils to make excellent progress regardless of their individual starting points, when they join/leave, learning needs or background.



We deliver a thematic based curriculum that where possible, incorporates experiential learning. This curriculum is designed to allow the pupils to be creative, inquisitive, mindful empathic, reflective and resilient learners.  We ensure that the curriculum is adaptive to meet the needs of the learners (e.g. the learning theme’s change according to needs of the co-hort) however, it is underpinned by set progression in knowledge and skills. Our curriculum goes beyond the basic skills and provides opportunities that pupils would not normally have access too.

Learning Values At The Pines


We embed these core values through our rich and varied curriculum so that our children leave us with the  characteristics that will support them on their life-long learning journey. In a world that is forever changing, our aim is that pupils will be able to actively embrace all future challenges with success.



We are unafraid to make mistakes and show perseverance with our learning.



We are fearless learners, willing to take risks and think creatively when learning something new.



We are curious, ask questions and solve problems.



We are mindful of the impact we have on others and our environment. We love our environment and want to support our community to reduce climate change.



We are kind and respectful to all. We use communication and collaboration to ensure we all achieve our best.



We make links with previous learning, experiences and evaluate what we have achieved and how we can improve.

Transforming lives through inspirational learning