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Lunch Times at The Pines

Our Unique Approach...


Eating at The Pines – Leading by example.

Not only have we come up with a new menu comprising a combination of traditional dishes and new flavours to try, we have also made changes to the structure of our offering.


Meat Free Mondays – doing our bit!

You will notice this nifty new heading on the menu. It is a ‘recommendation’ in government guidance that schools consider more meat free dishes and here at the Pines we want to do our bit - this is why we have introduced this concept. It is a fun and effective way to come together as a school community to help take care of the planet and equally as important, promote healthy, fresh food.

You will notice that we haven’t gone half-hearted. All of our Meat-Free Monday meals are made from locally sourced fresh products. Nothing processed in factory production. All fresh. All healthy. With the smallest food miles possible (which we strive for on all our dishes where possible).

Rest assured; nothing is lost. The dishes contain high protein ingredients, lots of fibre and nutrients that would similarly be found in its meaty alternative.


Taste Sensation Tuesdays!

We know sometimes new tastes can be a challenge to children, we understand that, but we haven’t backed away from flavour. With gentle hints of herbs, spices and vegetables that can sometimes harbour an ‘acquired’ taste in our offerings, we hope that during your child’s time with us they will gain a greater confidence to try a wider variety of food throughout their lives.


Funky Fish Fridays!

Fish and chip Fridays have always been a favourite with our Pioneers but we have made a subtle change, you will notice that on our 3 weekly menu cycle only 2 of the weeks now offer chips on a Friday. We don’t want to be mean! But it is a stepping stone to becoming healthier, and in the near future offering a more varied Friday offering aside from the battered/breaded and chips option. Watch this space!


Increasing the Fibre!

According to NHS.UK children are not managing to consume the recommended daily intake of fibre (15g). So, on this note, we have made improvements to up the content of wholegrains and vegetables to ensure there is more going into our Pioneers. This includes offering skin-on wedges and the bread we bake on site will be made with a larger percentage of wholemeal, the biscuits we bake will be made with a larger percentage of wholemeal, we will offer more wholegrain pasta and rice, and of course, a larger consumption of vegetables and pulses in all of our meals.

We shred, we dice, we blitz. If we can add it - they will have it. Even our dairy based sauces now contain cauliflower. We don’t want to hide veg. We want them to know what delicious things they are eating, but the more nutrition we can pack in, the better!



The Healthy Food Line. A bit like a washing line but more exciting!

By our hot servery where the children collect their food, we are introducing a new food line where we can showcase the delicious-ness that has gone into the children’s meals. By illustrating the vegetables that are present in their food, it will hopefully allow them to see that actually, they may not like the ingredient in its whole form, but it can still taste delicious when paired up with something they do like. Tomatoes in a lasagne for example. Or carrots in a pasta sauce. It’s all good.


Good bye throwaways!

We have substituted fruit juices with wholesome fruit. More nutrition. No disposables. Any Ice cream products will be served in frozen balls. No portion tubs here. GO US!


Twice Yearly Menus

You will notice that the menu is labelled Autumn/Winter and we plan to change the menu in its entirety twice a year. This doesn’t mean that anything is set in stone. If something isn’t working. It will get changed. If a dish isn’t going down well. It will get changed. If something IS working, you’ll be pleased to know that it’ll stay exactly as it is.

Whilst we will try with all our might to implement what we feel are the best measures and options, we are led by our Pioneers and will take every measure to ensure their time in the food hall is a pleasant and memorable one.


Let’s Celebrate!

We will be celebrating everything from cultural, UK national days and events as much as we physically can and liaising with the teachers to sync special menus in with what the children may be learning about in the classroom. The aim of this is to offer as much fun in our offering as possible, with opportunities to try new produce! Do keep an eye out during the year and take part in these fun and tasty offerings as and when they happen.


We want to hear from you!

If you have any comments or feedback, no matter what it is – let us know!

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