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Covid Information

Please contact us as soon as possible if your child tests positive for Covid-19. During the school day please ring the school office (8.30 - 3.30), outside of these hours please email:

Table updated 11/05/22

ClassNumber of Positive Covid Cases
Year 10
Year 20
Year 30
Year 4/50
Staff Members0


Does my child have Covid?

Now that the children have started mixing again, the usual coughs and colds are circulating and it can be difficult to work out what to do. 

There is handy guide below which provides additional information to support parents and also provides advice of what to do if you suspect that your child does have Covid.


For more information on when to self-isolate please click here and see the flowchart below.


Remote Learning


If your child has covid or has been instructed to self-isolate, we aim to provide at least 3 hours per day remote learning via our interactive platform: Purple Mash. Login details and parent guides were sent out during September 2020 (copies can be found below)


The learning will develop knowledge and skills that are currently being taught in class and will include daily English and Maths activities.


As mentioned in our previous newsletters, it is vital that you let us know if you don't have access to a device and/or the internet so that we can put plans in place in event of a sudden closure.


If an individual family is required to isolate, we will set work inline with what is being currently being covered in class.


Unfortunately we are unable to provide home learning if we are open and parents choose not to send their child into school.

Video Meeting Expectations and Agreement

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